Play Selection

The MCT 2025 Play Selection Committee has begun the process of selecting plays for our 2025 Season, and we invite you to participate.

For the 2025 Season, we are primarily interested in well-known published plays that will be popular with our audiences in the general categories of Drama, Comedy, Musicals, and Holiday Shows. However, we will also consider shows that do not fit into these categories or perhaps combine genres.


  1. Cast Size: The minimum cast size for plays is 5 characters.
  2. Length: The minimum length for plays is 90 minutes.
  3. Limit on submissions per person: no more than 5 plays and/or musicals.
  4. Scripts must be submitted digitally, and must be legible for consideration.
  5. Musicals: the submission email must include a YouTube (or video) link to a production, or link to a copy of the cast recording. 

B. IF YOU ARE AN MCT MEMBER OR A LOCAL DIRECTOR and would like to submit a well-known published play or musical for consideration, please send an email to: In addition to adhering the above-mentioned parameters, please include the following information in your email:

  • Title of Play
  • Genre of Play
  • Short Description of the Play
  • Short Description of Characters and Age Range
  • Description of any Technical Elements that might be costly or time-consuming.
  • Why do you think this play would be great for our 2025 Season? 
  • Whether or not you would like to direct the play/musical.
    • If you are interested in directing the play/musical, please know that it is at the discretion of the committee to choose the final director.


Please know that for MCT’s 2025 season, we are accepting very few unknown or un-produced play/musical submissions. 

  • If you submitted a play/musical for either the 2023 or 2024 season, please reach out to and we will see if your play is on file.
  • If you have not previously submitted your play/musical for consideration, it must adhere to the parameters for submissions in section A above, and your email must include the same information as noted in section B above. 

D. IF YOU ARE AN AUDIENCE MEMBER OR SUBSCRIBER TO MCT and would like to suggest the title of a play or musical for our play selection committee to consider, please send the titles by email to: In accordance with section A.3. above, please limit your list to no more than 5 titles.

QUESTIONS?  Contact Daria E. Troxell, MCT Vice-President, at: