This holiday play is perfect for the whole family and is both heartfelt and funny. A group of people without homes who seek shelter from a Thanksgiving blizzard not only find a house but create a home to help them weather their emotional scars. They then discover that a jealous neighbor is willing to destroy the home and family that they have worked so hard to create.

Written by Ann Eskridge and Directed by Karin Babbitt

You are cordially invited to audition for the Holiday Show at MCT!


  • Tuesday, September 19th and Wednesday, September 20th,  7:00 PM to 9:00 PM — please meet us at Park Hall
  • Pick a night. You don’t have to prepare a thing. Just be ready to read and improv a few scenes. And thank you for being available to bring some holiday cheer to the community! This is a heartwarming tale to treasure. It’s light and fun and we will have a ball!


November 24 – December 17, 2023
All Performances will be at Park Hall in Ben Lomond

Available Roles:

  • Betty, (Late 40’s or early 50’s) “The stereotype of a crazy homeless person,
  • Luke (50’s): Intelligent, but illiterate, African American.
  • Ellen (30’s): Pessimistic, former writer
  • Herman (60’s): Wants everything perfect…perfect house, Christmas decorations–
  • Molly, (17): Young, pregnant. Wears Goth make up, but as the play continues,
  • the makeup wears off. She came from a privileged family until she went against their structured, religious life.
  • Ricky (10) Funny, kind, resourceful.
  • Shelly (30’s) The nice neighbor, always willing to help. She talks extremely fast.
  • Mrs. Dixon/Religious Woman (indeterminate ages). Can be played by the same actress.
  • Greek Chorus: Families encouraged-will be singing holiday songs throughout the performance.

Contact: Susan McKay, Production Manager:

COVID-19 Vaccination Notice:

MCT is currently requiring vaccination as a requirement for casting. Please be prepared to show proof of vaccination status before casting.  Masks may be required at rehearsals. Requirements are subject to change based on County, State and Federal recommendations.